Matsuyama International Center(MIC)

 Matsuyama International Center is known as "MIC" to the people in Matsuyama. You will find MIC on the first floor of Matsuyama Gender Equality Center (COMS). MIC is a communal institution that advances international exchange activities for the citizens and helps improve more comfortable life or stay for non-natives in the city of Matsuyama. Please feel free to visit the office!

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When you want to exchange...

MMF is the matching system between a Japanese family and an International student who wants Matsuyama family as a second home. They can exchange freely after the matching.

My Matsuyama Family

★Recruitment as the guest speakers
MIC recruits non-natives as the guest speakers for our events, local elementary schools or public halls. It will be a great opportunity for you to introduce your own culture.

MIC holds a festival every year to encourage communication between Japanese and non-native residents. You can experience different cultures including cuisine and games. This is the biggest international exchange event in Matsuyama supported by many volunteers.
★Experience of Japanese Traditional Culture
MIC provides information about schools or groups in which non-native residents can experience Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, kimono dressing and koto playing.
★Introduction of the event in the community
You can experience the events in the community such as autumn festival or Takigi-noh and communicate with the local people.


     Mikoshi experience                   World Citizens Festival


When you need help for life in Matsuyama...

★Daily life counseling
MIC provides daily life counseling services (English/German/Korean) to cope with problems and gives away guidebooks.
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (Gyoseishoshi) are offering a free monthly consultation service to non-Japanese individuals.
MIC introduces volunteer interpreter/guide for non-native residents and foreign visitors.

Japanese class

Otasuke-man is a supporter who wants to help non-native resident in need. Registered Otasuke-man will help a foreigner with required case as a volunteer. Otasuke-man will help you in a case like above. First, contact us!!
MIC opens Japanese class for free of charge. Nursery care system is also available for free.
The class schedule is various.
You can also get the daily information for the life in Matsuyama.
Just contact us in advance!
MIC offers bicycles for foreign visitors for free. It will help you when you go to see the city sights.

Reading and Reference Area in COMS

★Bulletin Board for International Exchanges(COMS 1F, 2F)
You can post/get information about intercultural exchange events,
recruitment information for language exchanges and other messages on the bulletin board.
★International Information Area(COMS 2F)
You can read English paper or magazine.

MIC Library

★MIC Library(COMS 2F)
There are many books about international exchange and in English! You can borrow them.


COMS 1F , 6-4-20 Sanbancho, Matsuyama
Tel:(089) 943-2025 Fax: (089)931-2041
Office hour: 9:00 - 17:30
Office closes: Mondays
(When a national holiday falls on Monday, the office will close on Tuesday)

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