Do you know "OTASUKEMAN" for Foreign Residents?

Do you know "OTASUKEMAN" system by MIC?
This is a kind of volunteer activity to support foreign residents' life with fun and comfort.
Are you satisfied with present life without any inconvenience?
OTASUKEMAN system is available when you feel uncomfortable in your life.

!!丂Don't you have some troubles like follows ?
丂I want to go to the doctor, but language barrier...
丂I want to go to city hall or school for procedure, but...
丂I want to go shopping, but language barrier...
丂I cannot take care of my child, when having medical cheak up or consulting the doctor, but...
丂I want to know when I learn something or attend classes, but no information !!

First, contact us !!
When you need OTASUKEMAN, please contact Matsuyama International Center (MIC) by yourself !!

Leaflet (ENG ver) *PDF

Leaflet(JP) *PDF

Contact and Inquiries:
Matsuyama International Center (MIC)
Address: COMS 1F, 4-20 Sanbancho 6chome Matsuyama Ehime 790-0003
TEL丗 089-943-2025
FAX丗 089-931-2041
Opening hours丗丂AM9 - PM5:30 Tue - Sun
*Opend if Mon is national holiday. It is closed on the following weekday.
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