My Matsuyama Family (MMF) program = Home visit program in Matsuyama

MMF means "My Matsuyama Family". The purpose of this program is to provide a 'second' family in Matsuyama. Why don't you join this program to enrich your stay in Matsuyama?
Recruitment:@@ 2 times a year (Spring, Autumn)
Program period: May - August, November - February
Content:@@@@@Home visit
@@@@@@@@@@ Participate in events
@@@@@@@@@@(ex. school, local, seasonal, or traditional events such as Bon festival or New Year's)
@@@@@@@@@@ *It is up to you and your family!
Eligibility:@@@@Newly arrived International students in Matsuyama
@@@@@@@@@@*Students who have stayed over 1 year cannnot apply for this.
*This program is on volunteer basis, there is no fee. However, you are required to pay for meals at restaurants, admission fees or transportation fare when they are needed.
Flow of MMF program
(From registration to exchange)
Submit MMF application to MIC
Matsuyama International Center (MIC) chooses a suitable family
and arranges the first meeting
Exchange starts

Your term ends.
Attention: Borrowing money or asking the host family to be your guarantor are prohibited.
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