◆Results Announcement for 'International Photo Competition at World Citizens Festival 2022'
After careful consideration, a total of 6 works (1 for Best Prize, 2 for Excellence Prize and 3 for Special Prize ) were selected.(as of 4/2)

◆To those who registered Gmail
Currently, due to the security on the Google side, It happens that emails from MIC cannot be received by Gmail. If you have this kind of condition, please check your email settings as follows or register with a different email address.
・ Check whether or not our emails are sorted as the junk mail and put in the folder or trash box.
・ Please set up so that you can receive emails from the domain of "".
Please take a look for details at the operation by following Gmail help

◆About the major organization accepting "Donations and Fund-raising" that support the people of Ukraine
There is a growing movement to support Ukraine all over the world.
Matsuyama City has started fundraising. Various organizations in Japan are also accepting fundraising.
If you think "I also want to do something" for them, please refer to the following information.
(as of 3/5)

◆About MIC Japanese Class from April
MIC Japanese Class will start soon.
We have 6 kinds of classes and all of them are free of charge.(as of 2/25)

◆Helpful Apps and Websites in the event of Disaster
Government of Japan made a leaflet about helpful apps and websites in the event of disaster in multilingual.










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Recently returned mail cases have been inceresing because of blind mails.
If you change your e-mail address, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
If you register by your cell address, please change settings so as to accept PC mail from Matsuyama International Center.
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