Free consultation by Administrative Scrivener

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (Gyoseishoshi) are offering a free monthly consultation service to non-Japanese individuals.

*This is a confidential service and your privacy will be protected.

◆Do you need a help ? We can provide legal advice on various matters.

   For example,
   about residency, nationality, marriage, divorce, family
   Contracts like housing,
   Owning a vehicle, driving,
   Starting/running a business etc.

     *This is a confidential service and your privacy will be protected.


◆Date and Time : Second Wednesday of every month

◆Place : COMS 4F International Meeting Room

◆How to apply:
 To apply for a free consultation, please complete the free consultation application form available from MIC by 16:00 on previous Sunday before the consultation.

◆Note : Please bring an interpreter if required.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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Inquiry and Apply to:
Matsuyama International Center (MIC)  Map
Address: COMS 1F, 4-20 6 chou-me, Sanban-shou Matsuyama Ehime 790-0003 JAPAN
Closed: Monday (Opened if Monday is a national holiday. it is closed on the following weekday.)
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