Free consultation by Administrative Scrivener

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (Gyoseishoshi)
are offering a free monthly consultation service to non-Japanese individuals.

*This is a confidential service and your privacy will be protected.

◆Do you need a help ?

   We can provide legal advice on various matters.

   For example,
   about residency, nationality, marriage, divorce, family
   Contracts like housing,
   Owning a vehicle, driving,
   Starting/running a business etc.

     *This is a confidential service and your privacy will be protected.

◆Date and Time

   2018 Sep. 12 WED
   2018 Oct. 10 WED
   2018 Nov. 14 WED
   2018 Dec. 12 WED
   2019 Jan. 23 WED
   2019 Feb. 13 WED
   2019 Mar. 13 WED

   Time 13:30〜15:30
       *30 mins per a person

   COMS 4F International Meeting Room

◆How to apply
   To apply for a free consultation, please complete the free consultation application form available from MIC by 16:00 of the day before the consultation.

   Please bring an interpreter if required.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Download(PDF)     Download(MS Word)

Inquiry and Apply to:
Matsuyama International Center (MIC)  Map
Address: COMS 1F, 4-20 6 chou-me, Sanban-shou Matsuyama Ehime 790-0003 JAPAN
Closed: Monday (Opened if Monday is a national holiday. it is closed on the following weekday.)
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