Free Bicycle Rental (w/helmet) service for foreigners is available

 Matsuyama International Center has Bicycle Rental Service for foreigners who visit Matsuyama for tour or short stay.  This service is available for free of charge.
 The reservation for the bicycle can be made from the first day of one month before.  The Following is the flow of making use of this service.
Flow of making use of this service
A user can submit application form at MIC counter or by e-mail after downloading the form.
A user should pay 1,000 yen for deposit on the day of use and get the bicycle as well as teh permission document of Free Bicycle Rental use.
A user should return the bicycle (w/ helmet) to MIC when he/she stops the service.
MIC will refund deposit of 1,000 yen, if the condition remains original.



1. Rental duration is 2 weeks at a maximum, however, you can extend it only once.

2. MIC will refund deposit of 1,000 yen, if the condition remains original. If the condition is not approved usable, the deposit will be refunded with deducting the cost of damaged parts from the deposit.

3. In case the compensation exceeding deposit occurs in the above cases, a user is required to pay actual balance.

4. MIC should not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries incurred by a user.


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Inquiry and Apply to:
Matsuyama International Center (MIC)  Map
Address: COMS 1F, 4-20 6 chou-me, Sanban-shou Matsuyama Ehime 790-0003 JAPAN
Closed: Monday (Opened if Monday is a national holiday. it is closed on the following weekday.)
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