Solaris Owner System

Freiburg in Germany, a sister city of Matsuyama, donated saplings of the wine grape "Solaris," which has been grown in a vineyard in Matsuyama (Matsuyama Yagai Katsudo Center, or Matsuyama City Outdoor Activity Center). In order to let the citizens of Matsuyama know, we decided to recruit people who will become owners and watch over the growth.

If you are interested in becoming an owner, please check the following items and apply through the following "application" (google form) if you are interested.
If you find it difficult to apply through google form, feel free to contact Matsuyama International Center (MIC) 

  【Recruitment Period】 Apr. 1st (Mon) - Apr. 30th (Tue), 2024


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 Owner Period




   May. 2024 - Mar. 2025


   People 20 years old and over
   (citizens who live, work or study in Matsuyama)


 Recruitment Number
   20 people
   (If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held.)


 Membership Fee
    5,000 yen (Period/May. 2024 - Mar. 2025)
   ※We will inform you of the payment method, after it is decided.


 Owner benefits

   ① Vineyard tour and Harvest Experience (scheduled for early to mid-August)
   ② Taking a course about Solaris
   ③ Posting the owner's plate (In front of the vineyard)
   ④ Provision of products from Solaris (Plan to provide liqueur and candy for 2024)

       ※For ①&②, up to 2 family members (3 people in total) can participate.


   ■■Notes on Solaris Owner System ■■

   ・Ownership is not the system for designated vine for each owner.
   ・Visit and entry to the vineyard are only on the designated dates and time when accompanied by a guide.
    You are not allowed to enter freely.
   ・If it is decided that you will become an owner, we will contact you about how to pay the membership fee.
    Owner qualification will occur when payment is received by the payment deadline.
   ・ Ownership cannot be transferred to another person.
   ・The harvest experience will be held on the most suitable date, depending on the growing conditions of the grapes.
    Although it is usually in early August (before the time of Obon), the condition of the grapes takes precedence, so the experience date     may be on a weekday.


Vineyard Entrance

Vineyard tour and Harvest Experience


Course about Solaris

Solaris Liqueur and Candy

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