"Daily Japanese", online Japanese class
MIC starts online Japanese class using Zoom and YouTube in July.
This class is to develop practical Japanese language skills for your life in Matsuyama.
5 lessons are offered and you can choose lessons according to your needs.
@@Flow of the lesson

@@@‡@Watch video on YouTube before the lesson
@@@@@@* Video is viewable anytime for limited period


@@@‡AParticipate in the Zoom lesson
@@@@@@* Lesson date is already scheduled

@@Date and Topic
  Topic Viewable Period of YouTube Zoom Lesson  Application Deadline
i‚Pj "About yourself" July 4iSatj to July 18iSatj July 11iSatj 10F00`10F40 July 3iFrij
i‚Qj "Shopping" July 11iSatj to July 25iSatj July 18iSatj 10F00`10F40 July 10iFrij
i‚Rj "Separating Garbage" July 18iSatj to August 1iSatj July 25iSatj 10F00`10F40 July 17iFrij
i‚Sj "Hospital" July 25iSatj to August 8iSatj August 1iSatj 10F00`10F40 July 24iFrij
i‚Tj "In the Town (Map and Transportation)" August 1iSatj to August 15iSatj August 8iSatj 10F00`10F40 July 31iFrij
@@Application Requirements
@@This class is for those who...
@@@Eare new to Japanese language
@@@Elive in Matsuyama
@@@Eparticipate in Zoom with video
@@Tuition fee
@@@free of charge

@@EWe will send URL of Zoom and YouTube to the applicants.@

@@EAll the lessons are served online. We highly recommend participants to use WiFi to avoid high communication charge.

@@EIf you are inexperienced in Zoom, please retrieve some information about Zoom meeting.


@@Send us e-mail (mail@mic.ehime.jp) with your information below:

@@@@a) Name
@@@@b) Email
@@@@c) Gender
@@@@d) Nationality
@@@@e) Address
@@@@f) Phone Number
@@@@g) Device you use (smartphone/tablet/PC...)
@@@@h) Lesson(s) you want to participate in

@@@@–We also recieve applications by Google Forms

You can get further information by following PDF file.

Japanese Ver@@@@@@@English Ver

šContactFMatsuyama International Center

TELF089-943-2025 @FAXF089-931-2041

E-mailF mail@mic.ehime.jp

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