Important information related disaster of Tohoku Kanto great earthquake and Tsunami

1. These are the polyglot information about disaster for now. Please make the most of these information!

Multilingual Information for Disaster Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Information of earthquake by 18 languages (NHK)

Portal site of policy for foreign inhabitants 乮擔杮岅/JP乯 乮塸岅/EN乯 乮億儖僩僈儖岅/PT乯 乮僗儁僀儞岅/ES乯

Polyglot information

Japan earthquake how to protect yourself

Managing Your Distress About the Earthquake丂from Afar (American丂Psychological Association) (English)

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Disaster Prevention MANUAL from MIC (Matsuyama International Center ) HP

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