A place for elementary and junior high students!

 What is 【MIN☆SHUKU】?
   ・A place for elementary and junior high school students with foreign roots.
   ・University students will help you with your studies.
   ・Japanese teachers will support your Japanese language study.
   ・Let's play together and make friends.

◆When and where is the "MIN☆SHUKU" held?
   1)July 26th (Wed)  Ehime University Johoku Campus
   2)July 29th (Sat)  COMS 4F
   3)August 2nd (Wed) Ehime University Johoku campus
   4)August 5th (Sat) COMS 4F
   5)August 9th (Wed) Ehime University Johoku campus
   6)August 16th (Wed) COMS 4F
   7)August 19th (Sat) COMS 4F
   8)August 23rd (Wed) COMS 4F
   9)August 23rd (Sat) COMS 4F
  10)August 30th (Wed) COMS 4F

Ehime University Johoku Campus: 3 Bunkyo, Matsuyama
COMS: 6-4-20 Sanbancho, Matsuyama

◆What will we do at "MIN☆SHUKU"?
   9:15〜10:45 Study time
  10:45〜11:30 Play time
  11:30〜12:00 Reflection

◆How much?
  0 yen

◆What to bring?
  Summer vacation homework, writing utensils, drink, towel etc.

  Nihongo Chounaikai・Kodomokai
  E-mail nihongo.kodomokai@gmail.com


〒790-0003 松山市三番町六丁目4−20 コムズ1階
E-mail: mail@mic.ehime.jp
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