The Matsuyama International Center (MIC) will find host families for foreign nationals interested in goodwill exchange and deeping their understanding of Japan by staying with Japanese families.
The length of the home stay is usually a few days up to few weeks. However, if you wish to stay longer, please speak with MIC.

To provide foreign nationals visiting Matsuyama with the opportunity to experience life in a Japanese household and promote understanding of Japan.
To provide the participating host families with the opportunity to broaden their own horizens and to promote international understanding bt hosting a foreign guest.
Applicants interested in participating in our home stay program in the Matsuyama area should download the application form from our website.
To apply, fill ot the form and mail or fax or e-mail it to MIC at least one month prior to the date you wish to have a home stay.
If you can't download the application form, please contact MIC. MIC will send you an application form by e-mail.
This is a program aiming to promote closs-cultural interaction and goodwill exchange between foreign nationals and Japanese families. It should not be used for the purpose of receiveing free accommodation and and meals.
The host families offer accommodation and meals at home free of charge on a volunteer basis. The participants, however, are responsible for their personal expenses, such as transportation, telephone calls, and sightseeing costs.
In the unlikely event of an accident occurring during the home stay period, neither MIC nor the host family will bear any responsibility. Therefore, we advise the applicant to take out travel and medical insuranse.
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