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Free consultation by Administrative Scrivener
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (Gyoseishoshi)
are offering a free monthly consultation service to non-Japanese individuals.
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Japanese Language Class as Foreign Language
Autumn term begins on 7 Oct till 1 Mar 2018 Click here!!

Do you know "OTASUKEMAN" for foreign residents? Click here!!

Rent-a-Cycle service for foreigners has started !!
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Mobile site for International Residents
Click here!! or click "Mobile EN" button, please

Important Information
Free telephone consultation service for foreigners

What is the Individual Number (nicknamed “My Number”)?

How to separate household Garbage in Matsuyama (English, Chinese, Korean Ver.)

Impotant Information related disaster of East Japan great earthquake and Tsunami!!
Disaster Prevention Manual
Helpful Information for about A possible Infulenza Pandemic

A Guide to Life in Matsuyama(EN)

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Recently returned mail cases have been inceresing because of blind mails.
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